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About Us

Subpod was built from the desire to divert waste from landfill, rebuild the soil and grow food easily in our own backyard or veranda.

By making the simple choice to compost in Subpod you are preventing unnecessary waste from going to landfill which creates methane and global warming.  

You are also growing fresh nutritious food from a free resource!  

Composting in Subpod is easy, quick, fun and interactive for all ages to get involved in the life-cycle of composting and growing food and healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

We have found that kids are naturally drawn to the worms in the Subpod, and love to explore their Subpod and see how their wormy friends are going :)

Our goal is to get 20,000 people to compost by 2020. This will divert over 10k tonnes of waste from landfill, and produce 400+ tonnes of fresh food per year.

Why You Should Join Us

When you join the Subpod Grow Hub you will learn and share lots of information with people from all over the world.  

  • How to set up your Subpod
  • How to set up your garden bed
  • Which soil and plants to use in your region
  • What you can and can't compost
  • How to optimise Subpod for maximum composting efficiency
  • Questions about worms? What to use? Interesting faqs? Worms worms worms!
  • Carbon Capture and Carbon Drawdown: Exploring ways to both diminish the amounts of carbon we are adding to the air and ways to reduce the CO2 already present in the atmosphere (drawdown)

  • Subpod FAQS, Questions and Answers

  • Introduction to permaculture course

  • Share your Subpod story - from setup to harvesting your first fresh produce right from your own backyard.

  • Learn about Subpod events in your area.  Meet locals in your area who are passionate about Subpod, composting, worms and soil health :) 

A Big Thanks

Thanks for getting involved and being part of the solution!  We can all make a difference in the world by taking the step to compost locally.  You are making a change on a global level. 

Spread the word about Subpod - we would love to see Subpods in every country in the world :) 

Feed the soil = Feed the world

Waste = Resource

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